Yellow Pine, Idaho, USA – Population 35





27th Annual

Yellow Pine
Music & Harmonica Festival

Aug. 5, 6, & 7, 2016


Each year during the first full weekend of August, this sleepy mountain hamlet…




…Is transformed into the harmonica capital of the western world.

Entering its 27th year in 2016 (Friday-Sunday, August 5-7), the Yellow Pine Music & Harmonica Festival has long been one of the world’s largest (and most fun!) harmonica-related events.2014crowdFor the last 26 years, the festival has provided musical enjoyment to thousands of people in our unique rustic village of Yellow Pine, situated in the beautiful mountains of the Idaho backcountry.

While we are still honoring prospecting pioneers who carried pocket harps into the wilderness with them, this yearly event has also evolved to include many types of music.

We thank you for the feedback we heard from you since our “re-envisioning” – and we incorporated many of your suggestions in the festivals of the last few years. For instance, you said you wanted more harmonica music… and we were glad to comply! We added harmonica jams onstage for all players, special performances by favorite harmonica players and harmonica-featuring bands, a full spectrum of harmonica lessons by superb professionals, and a “Masters at Play” performance treat showcasing the skills of some great pocket harp players:


…All of which was fantastic!

Thanks again for the feedback, and keep it coming – we like hearing from you. Also, if you know you will be here for the upcoming festival and are willing to help, we love and greatly appreciate having volunteers! Just let us know you are interested and what your plans are for visiting.


The Yellow Pine Music and Harmonica Festival is a family friendly event where the health and comfort of families and performers is of the utmost concern. We ask that people refrain from smoking in the audience and performance areas at all times during the festival. Thank you!

ALSO, we instituted a totally iconoclastic “walking music parade” to get the fun off to a good start on Friday and Saturday mornings at 10:00 – and anyone can join in (so please do!). The parades will end in jam sessions on the stage for those who want to “step up” and keep playing.

HarmonicaWorkshop2015Expect more great music workshops, perhaps like the ones on song-writing and looping & effects, along with those greatly appreciated harmonica skills and performance lessons. (And let us know if you have a desire for a different kind of training, and we’ll try to get someone to do it for you.)


There will also be under-the-stars concerts on both Friday and Saturday nights by Willie and the Singlewides– and, if we know musicians, any number of jam sessions going on in the woods next to town!StreetDance2015

This is a family-oriented event with something for everyone. Along with a popular “Children’s Time”, there will be food and craft vendors, raffles, auctions, special stuff at the Museum, and toe-tapping music on stage each day!





So come, step back in time, camp in the beautiful Idaho mountains, dip the toes at Devil’s Bathtub, fish Johnson Creek and the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River, visit the YP Backcountry Historical Museum in the little red schoolhouse…  Best of all, relax and listen to some great music, enjoy great food, interesting vendors, and meet great friends both new and old at the gateway to Idaho’s wilderness.


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Come to the mountains! – Music is ringing all around… (Silence, too)