My wife Jenny and I love each other so much. We are totally compatible for each other. Our love can get us through any challenge. We spent five blissful years of marriage together. Recently, we just had our fifth wedding anniversary. It was so magical. At first, I was having a hard time deciding what to give Jenny as a gift. I got exotic bikinis as a surprise for my wife. Jenny was definitely in for a big surprise. I just had to keep it a surprise.

Jenny and I met back during our sophomore year of college. We both were business majors at the time. All courses allowed us to spend a lot of time with each other. We even did numerous class projects. Over time, we grew closer together. During spring break, Jenny and I went to Hawaii with some friends. It was fun. We had fun surfing and enjoying the islands. During the trip, I proposed to Jenny. She was so surprised. She agreed to be my wife. After we both graduated, we both got married to each other. I was so happy to call her my wife.

I wanted to do something special this year for Jenny. I decided to surprise her with a sudden, romantic trip to Hawaii. I wanted to recreate the magic from the day I proposed to her. Jenny has a very toned body. She likes to show it off when ever she can. bought two exotic bikinis for hear to wear. It got them in her favorite colors. The bikinis were turquoise and purple. They were very hot. I already had the accommodations arranged for us. When Jenny got home, I showed her the bikinis. She was curious as to why I would give her bikinis for her anniversary. That is when I surprised her with the trip.

Jenny and I took a first class flight to Hawaii. We had a very plush hotel room. We had a good time.

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