I was looking for some Snapchat filters for a birthday party I was throwing, but the results were pretty lackluster. The ones that were already available on Snapchat looked so boring. It was like someone’s grandmother designed those filters. I knew there had to be some way to get better Snapchat filters online. Someone else had the same thought I did and made a website where people can actually purchase new filters upon demand. I had just the idea for a new filter that would be seen by all of the party guests.

Once I selected the filter and purchased it, I began making preparations. The filter was used as a form of a digital invitation on my Snapchat account. Everyone would be able to see when the party was happening and where just by looking at the the filter. It’s a more creative way of getting attention than printing a lot of invitiations and sending them out, and it’s also better than some email invite that people probably won’t read because it will end up in their spam folder, or they’ll just gloss over it like they do all of their other emails that they don’t read.

The guests liked the new filter that I used, and they all came to the party, ready to have some fun. I had pizza coming into the party nearly every hour because so many people came and they were all hungry. I think the pizza restaurant was happy and sad to hear me place so many orders. On one hand, they were getting a lot of money from me, but on the other hand, they had to make all of those pizzas, which took a lot of time and effort in a hot kitchen. Still, it worked out for everyone, including me.

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