There is a whole lot more to building a house than you might think. Just picking the general contractor was a big job. We absolutely wanted someone who was reliable and would not leave us hanging. Before we even got that far, we had to buy a piece of land. Then it was a huge project just to get permits to build, put in water, connect the sewer system and more. We even had to do a perk test on the ground even though we were not having a septic system. And we got Deland homeowners insurance before the footer was even poured for the foundation. This was very important to have. You do not want bank money unsecured by insurance if something should go wrong.

I have heard stories of vandalism during construction, even arson. Our house was going up quickly, and everything was vulnerable. There are even people who will go in and steal your copper pipes and wires before the finished walls are put up. We made sure we got Deland homeowners insurance that would cover anything that could possibly go wrong in the construction phase. Then our policy would be a normal homeowners policy once we began occupying our new home. We could hardly wait for it to be finished. My wife and I stopped by every day to take pictures of the progress. I even have drone footage and time-lapse footage of the construction. It will be neat to look at years from now when our children are older.

I never knew all the details involved in getting a house built. Our contractor was telling me stories of working with electricians and plumbers and other specialists and being responsible for inspecting and certifying their work. We hired an architect to design our home, and we entrust our contractor to build it right. Furthermore, we trust Deland homeowners insurance to protect it.

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