I was sitting around way too much this winter, the weather has been bad here and I used that as an excuse to lay around and pack on the pounds. I am trying to figure out how to get them off now, since I think that I need to lose around fifteen pounds. If I am going to try running then I need to find the best running shoes for flat feet. That is something that runs in the family. My dad spent about a week in the army and then they sent him home because he had flat feet or fallen arches, whichever it is that they want to call it. Obviously when you are a soldier they want you to have good wheels, because you are going to be tramping around a lot and there is not going to be time to stop and complain about how your feet hurt you so bad that you can not go on.

I am thinking that there are other ways to do it however and what I am doing right now is going around to yard sales and looking around the web for exercise bikes. I have a car port attached to the house and so long as it is relatively nice that is going to be perfect for this. I am thinking that in the long run I can get some vinyl siding and some insulation to close it up. I would have to rig up some lights if I did that, but then it would be good for exercising all year round. Obviously this is just one thing and I am thinking that the best course would be to mix things up, so that you do not get bored with doing the same thing day after day after day.

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