the 1990s witnessed one of the fastest rates of technological innovation in the 20TH century. A movement that promoted an increase in the availability of means of communication and helped usher in an era where music was shaped by new technologies, transforming not only the songs of the 90s, but changing the music world for decades.

at the epicenter of the new wave of technological innovations in the 90s was the digital revolution. Bulky, single-use of mobile phones were replaced by devices smaller, loaded with a lot of functionality built-in. Internet grew exponentially from anonymity to become a digital information super highway and communication approved by 50% of the Western countries. Helping to increase the dominance of the internet it was creation of Intel’s Pentium chip. For his part, computer hardware manufacturers add Staples to its computer offerings like CD-ROM drives and CD burners.

with the onslaught of new technology came a transformation of the songs of the 90s. The 1990s marked the dawn of the Boyband, teen pop sensations, commercial and shows the music hip hop tracks. Even armchair musicians will give you an opportunity to make more significant musical contributions with oversupply in music technology as it was possible that a higher number of musicians to produce electronic music. What began to sound as dance music was gradually less oriented towards the public of the dance floor and closer to home listeners. This genus was later known as “Electronics”, or in its slower manifestations, “Chill-out” or “Ambient music”.

in the spring of 1998, the first Mp3 player, along with 32 and 64 MB Mp3 player was released. By the mid of the years 2000 the format Mp3 would overcome the player of CD in popularity. Pioneers of the technology-mostly young audiences of music be given the opportunity of support their tastes of music, the songs pop of them 90, catapulting star of the pop in the point of light. Not in vain, between 1997 and 1999, groups and the American teen pop star were all the rage, with some of the more popular than the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 degrees, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. This scene had directed to them members more young of the generation and.

today, the technology still play a role important in decide that music allow in our space personal. Internet and new media have been built on foundations laid down in the 1990’s with better access to talent that could have gone undiscovered in the past. Songs of the 90s, evoke a sense of nostalgia of the Decade in which today’s dominant music genres were perhaps still in its infancy.


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