I have been working really hard today and when I get home the dogs are really dancing out in the drive way. I have been calling it the starving doggy dance. In fact they knew that I had run out of the stuff they usually eat and in the back seat I had a new bag of Kirkland signature natures domain turkey meal and sweet potato dog food. They were really excited and seemed to know that they were really going to like the stuff. I was not sure, but I decided to try it either way. Of course they were really hungry and it was obvious that the two of them had been running around pretty good. I found a place that is perfect for dogs and I suppose that if you had a couple of boys they would really love it as well. We are about half a mile down a gravel road behind a horse farm. There is a little lake about a hundred yards from the house and my dogs both like the water.

After they ate it was definitely time for them to get a bath and that consumed quite a bit of the evening. They do not really mind that too much, but you have to keep them from rolling around in the dirt after you finish washing them. So after I washed them I dried them off as well as you can and then I put them each on a leash on the porch and left them there until they were dry enough to come inside. A couple of my friends came over and we did some fishing for crappie while we drank a few beers, after we caught a couple I filleted them and pan fried them in corn meal until they were nice and crispy.

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