I lived in a cramped studio all throughout college. I even shared it with two roommates at one point. I knew that I didn’t want to struggle for life, so I decided to get my Master’s degree. Because of that, I got a pretty darn good job when I graduated, and it pays really well. So, after living in such a low-brow studio for so long, I wanted something nice and unique to live in. I decicided to check out High Park real estate listings after a real estate agent told me that I would probaby enjoy some of the new offerings there. I found the best place to live in a relatively short amount of time. I must say that I’m pretty pleased, and everyone who comes over is really impressed with where I live. I enjoy things that are different, and my well-paying job allows me to do that easily.

I stayed in the same studio for all the years that I was in school. It’s funny to think that three of us lived in there together for several years. The place could barely fit a bed, couch and a tiny kitchen table at most. We had a queen size bed and two of us shared that. My other roommate slept on the couch. We could barely move around in that place, and what’s more, we even had a small dog and a cat. But it was what we each needed to do in order to get by while we were in school. I don’t miss those days and love that I can afford something nicer now.

The place that I moved into is amazing. Someone bought an old church and converted the inside so that there are condos inside now. The place is huge! And I lucked out and got one of the spaces that has a stained glass window in it. It’s beautful. My place even has some of the original stone wall that made up the top of the church.

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