I have always been good when working with numbers. I excelled in high school, but I never went to college to gain more opportunities. Instead, I took a short course that taught me how to do taxes for people, and I was hired on by a national chain that does this. I wanted more though, so I decided to go back to school at night to strike out on my own. I already had people who requested me specifically, and I had found the best professional tax preparation software that would allow me to take this to the next level.

It is not that I did not enjoy working for someone else, because it was actually okay. I enjoyed working with my boss and my coworkers, but I knew that I would be able to make more money if I was working on my own. I did the necessary schooling so I would have the right qualifications to be able to do this, and I learned as much as I could about the tax software that I was planning on using. Seeing how easy it was to use is just one of the reasons why I chose Keystone Tax Solutions as the company to help me move my own career forward, thanks to the software they offer.

They have an excellent reputation. They have been leaders in the industry for over a dozen years, and that gave me a good bit of confidence to move forward with them. The prices for their tax software is extremely affordable, and the customer support is magnificent. I have only had to contact them twice, but they were able to help me quickly and efficiently both times. It feels amazing being my own boss. I love the work I do helping other people with their taxes, and I love all the perks of being my own boss too!

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