I had no real clue what this place was when I applied for the job and after I found out what it did, that was sort of worrisome. The place mostly does methadone detox in South Florida and obviously when you need methadone, that means that you are addicted to heroin for the most part. I was thinking that I was going to be working with a bunch of hardened criminals, but it is just ordinary people. It seems that they are quite often starting out on pain pills, oxycodone is the most common one. They get addicted to that stuff and it becomes a real problem for any normal person. It is hard to function when you are messed up on that stuff and of course a drug addict is always going to know what he has on his schedule for the day, They are going to find some way to get their hands on some drugs and then they are going to use the drugs.

A lot of these people are actually quite well to do. One of them is a businessman who owns a few clubs in South Beach. He tells me that his problems started after he got hit by a drunk driver in the parking lot of his own club. The guy who hit him just kept right on going and never even looked back. Obviously a car can cause a whole lot of pain, especially when you are not protected by a car of your own. They gave him some pain pills and he got hooked on pretty quickly. It was obviously real easy for him to get drugs, just about anyone could get whatever they wanted. I know plenty of people who would be able to point me in the right direction if I wanted drugs.

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