I started to hear the rumors about layoffs about a year before they happened. I knew that I had time to figure out what to do because the company was known for offering extremely generous severance packages. I considered all my options, and the one that seemed the best fit for me was a truck driver. I am single with no kids, and I love to drive, so it just was the best fit for me. The first thing I did was learn about the different CDL license classifications because I knew that I was going to have to go to a truck driving school before I could get my CDL license.

I knew there were different classifications but I had no idea which ones were applicable for the different types of truck. I did not want to paint myself in a corner by getting the wrong license for the kind of truck I would end up driving. It did not take me long to learn about the three different types of licenses, which are just a Class A, Class B and Class C. It just depends on the kind of truck that someone wants to drive to know what type of license to get.

A Class A CDL license is the one that most truck drivers will need. If you see someone driving a tractor trailer down the road, then they have a Class A license. For people who want to drive buses, box trucks and dump trucks, they will need to get a Class B license. A Class C license enables a person to drive small passenger vans or ones with hazardous materials. Since I wanted to drive cross country in tractor trailers, I knew I would need to get a Class A license. When the factory did lay me off eventually, it was nice to already have this next part of my life already mapped out!

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