I was really surprised not long ago when I tried to file a claim with my homeowners insurance company. We had massive rains for nearly two days, and every stream around us was flooded. We had more rain than I have ever seen in the 19 years of living here in town, and my basement was flooded as a result of the rising streams. I was not too concerned because I knew that everything was covered, but I realized soon thereafter that it was not. Buying flood insurance would have made it so things were covered, but just having homeowners did not.

I read over every single thing in the fine print of my policy, and it is clearly spelled out in the wording that natural flooding is not covered. If a pipe would have burst inside my house and flooded the basement, then I would have been covered. Since this was a natural disaster though, I was not. I knew that was my own fault for not reading everything about my policy before signing the dotted line. I am not the kind to cry over spilled milk. Instead, I just decided to look into flood insurance.

Even though this was the first time in 19 years years for my house to flood, I knew that it would not necessarily be another 19 years before it happened again. It could never happen again, but it could also happen again this year. I wanted coverage, so I talked with my insurance agent. He answered all of my questions about flood insurance, and he made sure I knew what was covered and what would not be. I knew exactly what I was getting into with this policy because I made sure of it before I signed another dotted line on an insurance policy. I am just glad I am covered should this happen again.

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