Last year I sold my home after living there for over 20 years. Selling that home was like getting rid of a piece of myself, but it had to be done so I could move to Texas. Before selling my home, I talked to a few Sacramento real estate appraisers to find out the true value of it. It’s a good thing I did, because I found out that the home was worth more than I originally thought it was. I was able to sell it for a higher price because of this and got a fairly good deal on a Texas home.

I first bought the home after graduating college. I had big dreams of becoming an actor, but I quickly moved away from that in order for a career with a little more sensibility. Back then, the home was worth much less than what I sold it for, but I still thought it was rather pricey for the time period. I’ve seen many neighbors come and go while living in that home, and many people thought that I would be living in that home for the rest of my life, and so did I, until I was presented with a wonderful opportunity.

I was going to sell the home for a price similar to what I paid for it, but a family member told me that I should probably get it appraised because the value was likely to have changed in the years that I had been living there. I was a little worried that the value had actually gone down, and I would have been setting myself up for a lower sell price, but things turned out in my favor. As much as I miss living in Sacramento, I love my new home here in Texas and plan to stay here for a long time.

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