My mother wanted a hobby that could earn her money. She liked to sew things, but she did not want a job as a seamstress. She liked to create things, but enjoyed embroidery much more than sewing new clothing fashions. There was not much of a market for making dresses or shirts, but she could make a few bucks hemming suit pants and tailoring clothes. She considered that boring and would only do it to make money. When my wife and I bought her the best embroidery machine we could find, she did not even know what to say at first.

It took her about a month to learn all that the machine could do. We got her one that could sew 5×7 areas instead of the smaller 4×4 style. She learned how to draw designs on the computer and upload them to the sewing machine. The first thing she embroidered was her new business name and logo on a nice knit pullover. Then it was off to the races! She embroidered designs to make quilts, custom images and lettering on jackets hats and shirts, and she even had an interest in buying another machine to embroider leather. She made so many things on that machine we bought her that we thought for sure it was going to wear out.

She did t-shirts for companies in bulk orders for just about every type of business or event you could imagine. The heavyweight fabrics and embroidery looked a lot classier than printed tees. The hats she did for our company golf outing were great. There were ones in all colors to fit any preference from neon pink to khaki all sewn with our company name and logo in contrasting thread. Her next project, after the leather machine, was to get a machine to sew patches in full color. I think we created a monster!

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