My friends and I often use a ride sharing service when we want to go out for the evening and have a few drinks. The advantage of using one of these services is that you don’t have to assign a person in your group the role of designated driver, because the driver of the service will take that role. I recently read an article about limos being offered from ride sharing services. The cars that we usually get from these services are just average cars that don’t really having anything luxurious about them. Riding around in a limo really is a step up, even for a night of drinks.

On a whim one night, I reserved a limo for ride sharing instead of the usual car. My friends thought I was crazy for getting a limo, that is, until they got inside of it. Sitting in a luxurious vehicle was enough to change their minds and get them totally on board. For a while, we didn’t even want to get out of the vehicle, so we just rode around. Eventually we made it to the bar and had our usual round of drinks and food. The only thing we could talk about in the bar was how cool it was to ride around in the limo.

After drinks, we headed back to the limo and rode around some more. As much as we wanted the night to last forever, we had to go home. The next morning, we were all hung over from the previous night of drinks. Even though we did the same routine that we usually do when we go out, we had more fun than ever because of the limo. From now on, when we have our night out for drinks, we’re only going to ride in a limo.

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