I have a small company, and I was doing the majority of my business right at my store front. As I saturated the area with my services, business was becoming slower. Thankfully, the services that I offer can be done online as well, so I knew that I was going to have to think more about my online presence than that of my store front. While I would never abandon that, I knew I had to grow to stay relevant. One of the first things I did was find Lift My Rank, a company that specializes in search engine optimization.

I did not know that I was going to use them, because I did not even know they existed until I did a very thorough search for SEO help. I know enough about SEO to understand that I needed a professional’s help to make my website rank high in the search engines. I did not want to create something shoddy and have it not matter, nor did I want to create something beautiful and not have it seen by the masses. I knew that I would need to have a good balance between the two, which is why I needed an expert in the SEO business.

I was able to find that with Lift My Rank. True to their name, that is exactly what they do. They are able to take a person’s website that is buried deep in the search engine results and make it relevant. In other words, they can make it appear on the first page of the results. That is so important because I know that I don’t go to the second page of search results, let alone the third or one hundredth either. I always use what is on the first page, which is why I am happy that I chose them because my website is on the first page of search engine results now too.

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