Education has always been important to my husband and I as far as our children are concerned. Before the children even started school, we looked at several districts to find the best schools. We purchased the condo we have now because it is in what we believe to be the best school district. When our oldest son told us that he was having an issue with his physics class and wanted us to look into the Bukit Timah tuition centre, that is exactly what we did because our children have all picked up our attitude about education.

We knew that if he was suggesting this in addition to his regular schooling, then he truly felt he needed this. I asked him what was wrong with his regular physics teacher, and he quickly defended her. It was not her fault that his interest level was beyond the other students, which meant he was often bored in class since he was ahead of them in the material. He was just not learning to the degree he felt he needed, since he wanted to go beyond the basics. He knew he would ace the examinations, but he wanted more than that.

He wanted to have a passion for the learning, and he was just not getting that where he was. I read quite a few testimonials from people who have entrusted this physics tutor to help their own children, and I was beyond satisfied with all that I read. I made the proper arrangements, and my son soon started his lessons at the tuition centre. He has a renewed passion for physics now, and he has confidence that he will not only ace the examinations but quite possibly get perfect scores now. That is like music to our ears, and even his younger brothers are excited to take this same course when it is time appropriate for them.

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