My parents sent me one medium-sized box and one heavy box for my 35th birthday. Inside the larger box, I found the best portable record player on the market. In the medium sized box, I found a stack of my old storybook albums, along with some fun, new t-shirts with graphics from the 1970s on them. The t-shirts had funny sayings on them from that decade as well as some graphics of toys and other popular things from that same period. I was pretty touched at the thoughtfulness of everything my parents sent me. I quickly called my parents to thank them.

When my husband came home, he found me sitting on the living room floor with one of my new t-shirts on. Emblazoned on the front was a photo of a popular doll from my childhood. He chuckled and said, “Hey, that is that doll you had as a kid!” Then, his eyes drifted over to the record player that I had set up. He was impressed with it because he loves anything that comes from the electronics store. I pressed play and immediately, the sounds of one of my favorite storybook albums filled the living room. “Hey! I had that same album when I was a little boy,” he said.

I am very careful about saving things that I believe will be really important to my own child one day. My daughter is seven years old, and if you were to ask her what things are important to her, she would tell you that she would die if she didn’t have her collection of broken crayons or her dolls whose heads have popped off and been completely lost over time. So, as a mother, I know to use common sense and save things that will mean the most to her as an adult. She will appreciate it as an adult when she learns that I’ve saved her favorite teddy bear, books and other mementos of her childhood for her.

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