The internet has made it possible to develop friendships with people worldwide. I was genuinely happy when a friend of mine I have never formally visited in person was getting married in Australia. I knew his bride to be because of the internet too. My wife and I looked up a company online that would send flowers in Melbourne to congratulate them on their engagement. They were so impressed with the arrangement we sent them that they decided to use the same company to do the flowers at their wedding.

It is an interesting world where we can get online and send flowers or gifts anywhere at the push of a button. If you use it the right way, it can bring you closer to people you would never otherwise meet. We may be able to get to Australia for the wedding, or we may not be able to go. My friend and his fiance have been talking about streaming the ceremony for their many online friends that they have. They provide web services and meet people from all over the world with their online business.

I remember when no business was online. At first it was just some military, college and library use of connected networks. Then the public started to connect to build a worldwide web of connected computers. Now interconnection globally is the norm and the standard. When we went to send flowers, it only took a minute to find a company that would send flowers in Melbourne to our friends who were getting married. I even saw how much it would cost me in American dollars. The exchange rate was instantly handled by the computers involved. Within hours our friends had a large arrangement of flowers with a card congratulating them on their forthcoming nuptials. Yes, that is pretty cool indeed.

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