My old printer died after 20 years of use. I’ve printed a lot of documents with that printer, and have gone through many ink cartridges. I used this opportunity to get a better printer with a built in scanner so I could scan documents into my computer. While the printer is excellent, I didn’t like the scanning software that came with it. The software was pretty bloated and slow, and I didn’t like the quality of the pictures that were generated with each scan. I tried using the stock software that came with my computer for scanning, but it was only a little bit better and lack some features.

My best bet for finding software that would scan with a plethora of features without being too slow and bloated was to look online. I needed something that was free, yet still had everything I needed. While pay programs can provide good results, I prefer not to spend any money if I don’t have to for software, especially when some pay software will only let users use the software on one computer with a particular license. I have more than one device in my home that can use the printer, and would prefer not to buy multiple licenses for the same program.

I found a pretty good program with all of the features I wanted for free. The best thing about this program is that I can save each scan in multiple formats beyond just simple pictures. I can create presentation files, pdf files, and archives, which are great for sending a lot of scanned items as one file. This comes in handy when I need to fax some important documents like tax information. I usually have to do this at least twice a year when it’s time for me to renew my financial information.

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