man is a social being who has developed the use of the music a means of entertainment common to a therapeutic tool. Music brings joy to people calm music people and music can correct the neurological complications.

music is defined as an art form whose medium is sound and is therefore commonly known as an art that moves the soul. It consists of step, rhythm, dynamics, and sonic qualities of the timbre and texture, is commonly used for entertainment, but there is much more that many do not know. The appreciation of music varies from person to person, place, and culture to culture. Their reaction to the music is strongly influenced by it is, and your understanding of what song is. Music can be a means of communication by which one actually listens to the lyrics and understands what is said in the song, or simply a collection of sounds together to make a rhythm. The sounds produced by the early risers can be translated to music.

music can be used for entertainment. Here people react to him dancing or singing together. Music sound the soul or makes that it people are sure to of their concerns. Music can use it also to remember to someone of the last or concerns. Here we say music provokes memories good or bad. Particular songs are attributed to particular moments or experiences in the life of someone who constantly listen to the song, are reminded of an event in particular. Therefore at different times, music can stimulate excitement, relaxation, party, boredom, sexuality, arrogance, anger just to name a few.

music is now used in hospitals to relieve pain especially during childbirth or surgery, is used to put the mentally in a calmer situation. Two components of music are rhythm and melody. The force of the rhythm is enhanced by the types of instruments.


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