Each year I grow a lot and get a good harvest. My son and I would trim the buds by hand, which he hated, but he did anyway because he didn’t have a choice in the matter. He told me that there was probably some kind of trim machine that could get the job done much faster than the both of us. I told him that he was probably right, but we wouldn’t be able to afford something like that. My son took that as a challenge and looked online to see if he could find a machine that would be within our budget.

After some searching, my son found just the machine that would make our lives easier. The machine looked like some kind of space aged engine from an alien vehicle to me. It had a rotating section that would push the buds down onto a disc to trim them and then they would pop out at the bottom. It was a pretty clever looking device, and I probably never would have been able to think of something like that in a million years because I don’t have any kind of engineering skills. I ordered the machine and waited for it to arrive.

When the machine arrived, my son was the first one out of the house to get the box and bring it inside. He really wanted to open it up and see the machine in person. The machine looked even more impressive in person compared to the pictures of it that we saw online. We got some of our buds to try out on the machine and put them in place. As the machine powered up, the buds went through the top part and popped out of the bottom in no time at all. Had we been doing that by hand, we would have been there for an hour.

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