music and drama have many similarities and complement each other. Unfortunately, both of these arts, with its real value is often neglected. In music, is often mistaken as robotic, machine – like playing is considered “good music” because it is “technical”. The same principle applies to the action. Often many actors made known not by his versatility in the assumption of a paper but by other reasons, as is sees, popularity in them means of communication, etc.

true, master in arts performing require ability technical. However, is not the only aspect to it. If there is no no no feeling, no emotion, in action or in the music, there is no life given to the piece and there is no real communication, which is the most important element of art.

in music, there are nuances (subtle variations) and dynamic (variation of intensity). Adhering is to it dynamic and the nuances of a piece, one must do this and remain faithful to the score. However, to do so it is not necessarily the same that express feeling or emotion, however.

the secret is to enter the universe of the composer and assuming your point of view when originally he wrote or wrote this work. In drama, goes as this: an actor, after learning his part, decides how your character. Embodies the role and be converted in that character. Their expressions facial, tone of voice, speed, gestures and postures, etc., are all carefully created. Actor poured his soul into the character to give life and thus to encourage him. He has that take the point of view of that character and is converted in it.

the same principle applies to music. In first place, one must characterize the piece, that has been covered in an article above. Then really one must be immersed in the point of view of the composer of this piece in particular. What does this piece really say? What feelings do you have? Does it contain love, hatred, desire, loss, joy, etc..? By these feelings, one plays to communicate those emotions, that then creates an emotional impact on the public and now art is actually taking place.

and each piece is different in its appropriate feeling. Unfortunately, some musicians have become rather homogeneous. My recommendation would be that a musician of any level learn dramatic art to some extent. In addition, actors should study music in some degree. Both would help to expand the breadth of understanding of his art. Spend some time and practice, as a true professional, the results are well worth the penalty.

music is a powerful tool for personal transformation. Humans hear music and instinctively want to clap, touch or dance. Music has the power to create such energy. Faucets in expressions, capabilities and emotions hidden. Is therapeutic. Helps to improve the appreciation aesthetic. Is a power different in set. Actually that incorporate their feeling is an aspect integral.


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