I have always had dreams and ambitions of becoming a self employed maven. I wanted to have my own shop and sell what my idea of fashionable clothing and accessories were. It because a goal of mine to have a small business. I had no idea that the challenges of getting things like a building and merchandise, and even a small business loans in Toronto would have been as simple as it was. In Toronto, it is a mecca of small business and free thinking people that are able to make profits off the locals and the tourists that come through the city. I have always wanted my own shop that I could express my own ideas of fashion in and having a place in Toronto was my dream. I didn’t have any idea how it would actually work out, but I knew in the end that it was my goal. Once I started becoming serious about my lifelong dream, my friend told me I should really look into making it possible. So, I started on building my empire… from the ground up.

Starting from nothing with a business idea was a struggle. I was told by many people to go and find the basics first just to see how much it would cost to run. Get a storefront, see how much employees would cost, find out all the basics of this and then get a price estimate and then see if I could get a loan. Finding the location, for me, was the hardest part. I wanted it to be perfect, but perfect doesn’t run cheap. I was given the advice that when starting a business, to start small, because you can always grow bigger but if you go big first, it’ll be a failure to go small.

As soon as I got a location and some ideas of costs, I went and started shopping around for a small business loan. This was actually easy! The first few loan specialists I talked to told me that getting small business loans in Toronto would be hard, especially for someone like me who was just starting out. They were encouraged to talk me out of this and not allow me to go any further with my dream. I decided that one last guy and I was done. The next loan professional saw that I had a dream and a passion and told me that he’d love to work with me if I wanted any help with this. He told me so much more than I had known before and was a joy to work with! That office ended up giving me my small business loan and so much more. If I had known that starting a dream business would have been that simple, I would have done it years ago!

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